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Related post: The upper surface of the razor blade is kept wet with 50 per cent, alcohol and Buy Cheap Lasix after several sections have been cut they can be swept by the finger or camels hair pencil to a dish of water. Each division of the Iv Lasix feed represents 10 Potassium Lasix microns, so that the thickness of sections desired can be regulated by moving the feed, accordingly, just before each stroke of the razor. FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS Sliding Microtome. This type of microtome (see Fig. 9) is adapted for cutting all kinds of sections. It consists of an iron supporting fame of horizontal and upright portions. The horizontal base rests on the table and is hollowed out to accommodate a drip pan that can readily be removed and Lasix Iv cleaned. The front of the upright portion exhibits a frame which Lasix Use accomo- dates a sliding feed mechanism to which is attached the object carrier. The top of the upright portion shows a V shaped bed which carries a solid iron block which can be readily slid along the bed when the latter is lubricated with paraffin oil. The upper surface of the block is grooved to ac- comodate the thumb screw. The microtome knife consists of a blade Lasix With Potassium a.. FIG. 8. Hand microtome. PIG. 9. A sliding microtome. Blade (a) ; lever Description in text. (6). (From McJunkin.) portion, that is flat on its lower and hollow ground on Renal Lasix its upper face, and a forked handle. The latter is slid into the stem of^the thumb screw which has . previously been slid into the groove of the block and its position adjusted. Sections of woody material can be cut directly on this microtome and placed in dilute alcohol. When paraffine sections are cut, the cutting edge of the knife should be parallel Lasix 20 to the motion but when celloidin sections are desired Use Of Lasix the knife must be set at an oblique angle to the frame Diuretic Lasix and drawn across the block with a long sliding motion. The knife 1 8 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY FlG. 10. Rotary microtome. The feed mechanism is covered to protect the wearing parts from dust. FIG. ii. Plan of construction of rotary microtome shown in Fig. 9. FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 19 and the top of the celloidin block must be constantly Tablet Lasix kept wet with 80 per cent, alcohol. The object is placed in the object carrier and clamped in. By means of the graduated disk at the base of the feed mechanism the thickness, in terms of microns, is regulated after each stroke of the razor. Rotary Microtome. When paraffin ribbons are desired, especially for the study of serial sections of material, the rotary microtome surpasses by far the efficiency of the sliding type of instrument. The Spencer Rotary Microtome No. 820 is shown in Fig. 10 and its plan of construction illustrated in Fig. n. In this instrument the sliding part which carries the object clamp (SP) is carried up and down by the block (B). The feed mechanism Renal Scan Lasix consists of a rigid bearirfg, on which the feed block (FB) (of which the projection P is a part), is moved by the feed screw (FS). As this block travels to- ward the side on which the balance wheel (W) is located, the sliding part (SP) is forced forward towards the knife one-half as much. The polished surface set against the point (P) is arranged at the proper Potassium And Lasix angle to accomplish this end. The Lasix Diuretic screw, cut with two threads to the millimeter, is revolved by a ratchet Lasix And Potassium feed wheel with 250 teeth. Each Lasix On Line tooth represents a forward movement of the object of one mi- cron. The feed can be set for sections from i micron to 60 microns thick, by turning the button at the back of Purchase Lasix Online the case until the number, representing the desired thickness, appears opposite the indicator at the small opening in the side of the case near the balance wheel. The total excursion of the feed is 37 mm. This allows a sufficient range for cutting a complete series of sections of a large object with- out the necessity of a break due to resetting the knife and feed me- chanism. The object, after being placed in the object clamp, may be oriented to any desired angle. The clamp is held at its upper limit for orienting or trimming the block by pushing in the pin (F.) The whole knife support may readily be adjusted to and from the object, and is readily clamped in any location 20 Mg Lasix by a lever connected with an eccentric cam. The knife is fastened by two clamps and may be turned to any desired angle. The clamps can also be moved toward each other to bring them as near to the ribbon as desired to gain additional rigidity. The groove in the balance wheel is de- 20 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY signed for a cord or strap when it is desired to run the instrument by a motor. Lasix Potassium THE TECHNIQUE OF MAKING A TEMPORARY MOUNT 1. Place a drop or two of water (or reagent) in the center of a clean Lasix Renal
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